Field radiology is available for routine or emergency services with a new high frequency portable battery powered X-ray generator that can be used without an electrical outlet if necessary.  Either high speed rare earth plate images or digital images are available. 


 Ultrasound has become an essential tool for reproduction and lameness diagnostics in equine practice.  Ultrasound exams using digital images are easily stored for comparison to previous or subsequent exams, or can be transported via email to other Veterinarians for case consultation. 


   Equine reproduction has been my main focus since I started veterinary practice in 1976. I can provide a complete range of services for the single mare owner to the large breeding operation with multiple stallions and mares.  All aspects of reproduction from artificial insemination with chilled or frozen semen to stallion collection and shipping semen can be handled efficiently and professionally.


 Field surgery is always an essential part of an Equine ambulatory practice.  After 34 years in the veterinary profession, I am well-versed in those procedures that are an essential part of ambulatory practice. From routine castrations to dystocias in foaling mares or correction of angular limb deformities in young foals, I have the surgical experience, equipment and the trained licensed staff to assist me, allowing many procedures to be done in our area without referral to other facilities. The lay-up and rehab facility I will be using for my cases has an indoor covered arena and outdoor exercise areas and turn out pastures as well as a state of the art aquacisor and panel walker.


Various specialty services often required in equine practice are available upon request. Some of these are, upper respiratory endoscopic examinations, uterine biopsy, limb cast application, pre-purchase examinations, wellness examinations, and a variety of laboratory diagnostic procedures which can be quickly downloaded directly to the patients records from the lab.   

Dr. McIntosh offers equine dental services